Electric Security Fence Installation

Installation of your electric security fence is carried out by trained professionals who are experts in their field. Our electric security fences are the most effective security product on the market, as unlike CCTV, infrared, and motion detectors, they will physically deter intruders, ensuring that your property, assets & staff are kept secure.



The Electric Fence security system comprises a series of horizontal, smooth, corrosion resistant, high tensile alloy wires, positioned approximately 100mm apart. These wires are tensioned to between 25 to 35 kilograms and supported by specially designed insulators fitted to the Electric Fence mounting and straining posts. The system can use almost any existing perimeter fence or wall as a host, onto which the Electric Fence security system is mounted. Care is taken in the system design to ensure that the Electric Fence is correctly applied. The Electric Fence is extended to a minimum of 600mm above the existing fence or wall, to provide an anti-climb section.

Electric Fence Control Unit


Qld Security Fencing have a whole range of control equipment and system accessories for varying applications. The Electric Fence control systems can be stand alone or interfaced with almost any other form of alarm, surveillance, monitoring, reporting or control system. The energisers used within the Electric Fence security system generate the high voltage impulses, are compliant with all relevant National standards.