Electric Security Fencing - Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have some questions about Electric Security Fencing, and so we have put together a list of the most common questions to quickly provide you with all the information that you need prior to installing your electric security fence.

Of course, if your question isn't covered below, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to talk to you about your specific requirements.

Is the system safe?

Yes the system is guaranteed safe. The energiser components, design and operation comply with Australian Standard AS3129. The system installation criteria is regulated by Australian Standard AS3016. All installations must comply with Nemtek's own code of practice which exceeds the current existing Australian Standards.

What are AS 60335.2.76-2003 and AS3106?
AS3129 is the Australian Standard for the design, construction and operation of Electric Fence energisers.
AS3016 is the Australian Standard for the installation of Electric Security Fence systems. This standard sets the safety and installation criteria to which each install must meet.

In what are the basic requirements of AS3129 & AS3016?
The maximum energy that can be produced by the security system energiser is limited by design to a maximum of five joules into a load of 500 ohms. The energiser is designed and required to comply with this output even under abnormal operating conditions such as component failure. The overall system is governed by AS3129 & AS3016 with due consideration given to the duty of care associated with such systems. This includes clearances, numbers of wires, the use of warning signs etc. The energiser is designed to be fail safe. The system is constructed with due consideration for duty of care. Warning signs are applied at appropriate intervals.

Are Nemtek energisers as used within the Electric Fencing security units tested compliant with AS 60335.2.76-2003?
Yes all Eletric Fence security Controller models have independently tested energisers and are issued certificates of compliance.

How do I know if my Eletric Fence installation is in accordance with AS3016?
All Electric Fence installations are audited by Nemtek Engineers and tested for their compliance to the relevant Australian Standards. Each installation must also abide by the Nemtek Code of Practice

What happens if a child or elderly person comes into contact with the Electric Fence system?
In accordance with the Nemtek Security Code of Practice and Minimum Quality Standards, all systems are designed and installed to minimise the risk of accidental contact.
The impulses are regulated safe for the entire population, in accordance with AS3129.

What are Nemtek's Code of Practice and Minimum Quality Standards?
As responsible manufacturers and distributors of Electric Fence systems, Nemtek have a policy of only making the systems available from Accredited Dealers.

The Nemtek standards meet and exceed the requirements of all National and International standards regarding safety and the application of Electric Fence systems.

How do Nemtek ensure that their Code of Practice and Minimum Quality Standards are complied with?
Nemtek inspects all installations and providing compliant issue a certificate of compliance for each installation

Is the system legal?
Yes the system is legal because the system design, components and installation comply with the requirements of AS3129 & AS3016. In addition because the system is only available from Accredited Dealers, who exercise "Duty of care" when considering the design, installation and maintenance of Electric Fence systems, in accordance with Nemtek Code of Practice and Minimum Quality Standards.

What maintenance is required?
Nemtek recommend three routine maintenance inspections per year to ensure optimum system performance and reliability.

Why does the system not generate an alarm if an animal or human touches the Electric Fence wires?
Any one who touches the Electric Fence when the system is armed is repelled by a short, sharp, painful, but regulated safe electric shock. Only if someone attacks, tries to climb through or tampers with the Electric Fence system, are alarms generated.

What about false alarms?
False alarms are virtually unheard of, because of the system quality and proven design. Unique patented electronics and system components. Designed, installed and maintained by trained Accredited Dealers.   Nemtek's Code of Practice, Minimum Quality Standards, system inspection and Certification procedures.

What happens if the mains fails?
All Electric Fence systems have standby power supplies. In the event of mains failure rechargeable batteries power the system for a minimum of 4 hours. If a longer period is required the size of the standby power supplies can be increased.

What are the running costs of a typical Electric Fence system.
A standard Electric Fence system consumes less than 40 watts fully armed. This is comparable with a small light bulb.

Is the Electric Fence system compatible with other security systems and equipment?
Yes the Electric Fence in it's standard form can be installed as a Stand alone system or directly interfaced with any other type of intruder alarm, access control or integrated security system. This is for all functions including arming, disarming, alarm monitoring and signalling.

Can gates be protected?
Yes, all forms of security opening, sliding and power gates can be fully protected with the Electric Fence system.

Is it possible for the Electric Fence to be on and monitor the perimeter security without the high voltage feature?
Yes, Nemtek have a fully monitored HV/LV system for the protection of storage yards, car parks and sites such as garden centres and factories, where authorised people can be exposed to the Electric Fence system without the risk of the high voltage feature. During the day time the system is fully monitored using a unique LV system. When the premises are vacated the can be armed with the additional feature of the high voltage deterrent.

Is the Electric Fence system zoned for alarm management and response?
Yes, the system has a minimum of 1 zone and an endless maximum for alarm management and monitoring purposes. These zones can be configured to meet with the exact site requirements, ie; programmable delayed zones for exit entry routes, gates etc and instant zones for standard perimeter protection.

What is a maximum Electric Fence zone length?
On a standard Electric Fence system, each zone can be up to 500 metres long.

Can the Electric Fence system be used in conjunction with CCTV, security lighting and other alarm monitoring or annunciation?
Yes, the Electric Fence alarm and zone alarm outputs can be used to trigger or operate all forms of alarm monitoring, annunciation or signalling systems.

What do the police think about the Nemtek Security  Fence system?
Nemtek have held discussions with Policing Departments and Crime Prevention Officers throughout the worlds. Many of the Electric Fence installations are used in High security installations including prisons.

Do insurers accept or specify Electric Fence systems?
Yes, most major insurance companies accept the installation of the Electric Fence system and some are now specifying Electric Fences for the protection of appropriate sites. As a direct result of Electric Fence stopping crime and losses on various sites, some site owners have been able to obtain insurance on previously uninsurable or uneconomic risks.

What areas are covered by Nemtek Accredited Dealers?
Nemtek have extended their Accredited Dealer base throughout Australia